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Bitcoin Bull Cycle Still Strong, Analyst Pizzino's Targets

Bitcoin analyst Jason Pizzino predicts BTC's bull market is far from over. He forecasts a potential 100% gain, targeting $135K, with key psychological levels at $100K and beyond.


A Beginner's Guide: Crypto News

Discover crypto trading secrets with our guide! Master market trends, choose the right exchange, and secure your investments now!


Changpeng Zhao Sentenced to 4 Months in Prison

Binance founder Changpeng Zhao sentenced to 4 months for failing U.S. AML laws, marking a pivotal regulatory moment in crypto.


Stablecoin volume exceeds Visa's 2023 monthly average.

Stablecoin trading now tops Visa's 2023 monthly volume, highlighting their rising role and trust in digital finance.


Eminem now's face, replacing Matt Damon

Eminem replaces Matt Damon as's spokesperson, marking a significant shift in marketing strategy to engage a broader audience.


Binance Founder Zhao's Legal Battle and Crypto Future

Binance founder Zhao faces a potential 36-month sentence for money laundering breaches, signaling a major moment in cryptocurrency exchange regulation.


Tesla Holds Bitcoin Despite Q1 Earnings Drop

Despite Q1 2024 earnings drop, Tesla keeps its Bitcoin, affirming its long-term crypto investment strategy and signaling market stability.


Bitget Study on Crypto Growth in Western Europe

Bitget research reveals fast crypto growth in Western Europe, tracking adoption rates and market trends.


The Best Apps for Cryptocurrency News and Alerts

Stay updated in crypto with the right app—essential for trading success. Our blog highlights top apps like CoinMarketCap for market insights.


The Importance of Privacy in Cryptocurrencies

Privacy is crucial in crypto, guiding tech & user actions amid breaches. Discover how non-KYC, anonymous exchanges ensure discreet transactions.


Monero's Impact: Celebrating Another Year of Growth

Today marks another year for Monero, a leading privacy-focused cryptocurrency, born to enhance digital privacy and making significant strides.


Why Big Four Won't Audit Tether's $108bn Reserves

As crypto grows, trust is key. Tether's USDT faces scrutiny, especially with the Big Four reluctant to audit its $108 billion reserves.


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